Nintendo Switch 2 will not arrive until early 2025

According to several sources, the successor to the original Nintendo Switch game console will not be launched until the first quarter of 2025.

First, we heard that the Switch 2 was coming in the fall of 2024, so that it could hit the shelves before Christmas.

Nintendo Switch 2 isn’t coming until early 2025

But new sources have revealed to media outlet VGC that Nintendo has notified several game publishers that the console’s launch date has been moved to the first quarter of 2025.

Moreover, it is not only VGC that has been in contact with sources with such information. A Brazilian journalist as well as sources who have spoken to Eurogamer also believe that the launch has been pushed to the first quarter of next year.

If the Nintendo Switch 2, which we don’t even know what the console will be called, launches in early 2025, it will launch at the same time of year as the original Switch console. It came on the market in March 2017.

Two of VGC’s sources have confirmed that they are in the process of developing games for the Nintendo Switch 2, which is now set to be ready in early 2025.

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