Little Celebrities on Campus Who Will Change College Life | By Reid Zura | Starship Technologies | June 2023


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An image of a Starship robot next to a white car with decals that read
Oregon State University’s spaceship robot, next is “Mother — Ship”

Imagine this. When you walk into a college campus, you see futuristic-looking robots galloping in the midst of the hustle and bustle. A closer look reveals that it is his one of our spaceship robots busy with deliveries. Our bots are not only revolutionizing the way students eat on campus, they are also winning hearts and becoming true campus celebrities.

Let’s start with Henry Banning of Oregon State University. He’s a student who took his love of space robots to the next level. He transformed his car into what he dubbed ‘Starship Mobile’ as a great homage to our service. Covered in bright starship decals, his car is sure to grab attention and bring smiles wherever he goes. As Henry puts it, “I kept seeing them all over campus and I was like, ‘Of course we can do that, that would be cool!'”

The Starship delivery robot next to Henry's car is dressed up like a larger version of the delivery robot
Spaceship Robots The Next Henry’s Spaceship — Mobile!

Believe it or not, Henry’s dedication has caught the eye of our Chief Commercial Officer, Ryan Tooey. , we love it. It’s always great to see the enthusiasm students have for our robots. It’s no exaggeration to say that Henry’s Starship his mobile has become an iconic symbol of the special bond between students and robots.

But the love for Starship Robots extends far beyond Oregon State University. Meet Eric Arberg, a University of Texas Dallas alumnus and exuberant captain of his UTD spirit. Eric shared an adorable photo of himself and Temok (UT Dallas’ popular mascot) celebrating graduation with a robot. In his heartfelt message, Eric paid tribute to Starshipbot, saying, “Thank you for always being such a cute part of campus culture 💕.”

Eric and the University of Texas Dallas mascot Temok pose with two robots for graduation photos. Eric is dressed in black and Temok is orange and green with a pop.
Eric and UTD’s mascot Temok pose with a robot at the graduation ceremony.

It’s not just about convenience. Starship robots have become essential companions for students like Taylor Kitchen at Bowling Green State University. Throughout her tough college years, these robots provided help when she needed it most. In her gratitude, Taylor said: “Thank you Starship for doing all the last minute desperately needed food deliveries and helping me finish college!” It makes sure you never go hungry or miss a taste of home.

Wearing a graduation gown and orange shirt, Taylor poses for a photo as she sits behind a Starship delivery robot and wears a graduate cap emblazoned with
Taylor and Robot say their final goodbyes before graduation at Bowling Green State University.

And when the COVID-19 pandemic confined students to dormitories and study spaces, our robots were there to bring a sense of comfort and connection.

All-Miss alumni Mercy Trahan reflected on the impact: Thank you to all the cute robots that live on campus! “

Mercy poses with a starship delivery robot, holding her blue graduation cap over the robot's lid.
Mercy and the Starship robots who want to walk (or roll) across the stage to graduate!

We are filled with pride and joy knowing that our robots hold a special place in the hearts of our students. The unwavering support and gratitude from our students is a constant reminder of the positive impact and lasting legacy our delivery robots have created in just a few short years.

We believe in a future where robots make life easier and more convenient for people around the world. These students are living proof of this vision and give us a glimpse of how our technology will change the world. We feel so honored to have made such a big impact on millions of people around the world and are determined to provide not only smiles and convenience, but a brighter and more exciting future. continue to adhere to


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