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A 2021 poll conducted by Haystack Analytics found that 83% of developers are experiencing burnout due to increased time demands and inefficient processes. His 2022 study by LaunchDarkly reveals ongoing challenges in software engineer burnout and retention, with cumbersome processes being the primary complaint. The challenge is even more acute for organizations with technical debt, traditional applications, and legacy infrastructure.

“The job of an engineer has become extremely difficult, but JPMorgan Chase, with one of the largest technological footprints and investments, has the ability to minimize the cognitive load on engineers and increase their productivity. “We have a unique opportunity and responsibility to lead the industry in a paradigm shift that doubles down and accelerates innovation.” Sandhya Sridharan, Global Head, said.

Building Intuitive Interfaces

As part of its modernization, JPMorgan Chase has created a highly intelligent platform designed to empower and enable its engineering community of more than 43,000 people with the goal of improving experience, engagement and productivity. We are building an integrated self-service engineer platform.

The company’s approach is driven by four strategic imperatives. The first is a unified interface. It’s a personalized, data-driven experience, with engineer ownership, self-service dynamics, and a change from business as usual. “Engineers His platform should simplify the day-to-day work of engineers by providing the right level of contextual abstraction along with the right tools and resources,” he explains Sridharan. “This should be done within the context of an integrated development environment where engineers spend most of their time fully visualizing the build and deployment pipeline.”

The second imperative is to focus on the cloud. Public clouds offer scalability, improving speed, agility, and cost. The majority of software development tools are primarily available on, and built for, public cloud platforms, making them more reliable and resilient than on-premises infrastructure. Engineers can employ strategies such as canary deployment (release to a small number of users first) to reduce time to market while immediately leveraging the best features such as observability tools. “On-premises would not be flexible enough to scale and would not be cost effective,” he said.

The third imperative is to be data-driven. It is at the heart of an industry as complex and rapidly changing as financial services. The platform provides engineers with relevant data, insights and recommendations, enables real-time detection and resolution, and tracks progress. It also provides telemetry to help customize the engineer’s experience to their individual needs. “As we continue to evolve and improve our platform to best support our engineers’ needs, data powers everything we do and informs decision-making,” Sridharan elaborates. increase.

The platform also offers a more robust system for governance and security. Software failures are inevitable, but what matters is whether the platform has the ability to quickly detect and recover from failures. JPMorgan Chase’s platform includes observability tools that can detect problems and automatically remediate or roll back changes that cause them, reducing end-user downtime. Observability and automation are especially important in highly regulated sectors such as finance in terms of audit evidence. “We need to be able to fully track every transaction and change that goes into production,” he says Sridharan. “Not only does this give our engineers detailed insights and trends, but the platform provides a complete audit report at the click of a button, saving days or weeks of effort each time an audit is taken. can also save.”

Competition for engineer experience and human resources

JPMorgan Chase’s engineering platform upgrade improves productivity, efficiency and security. Equally important, it helps companies compete for engineering talent by providing a much more efficient working environment than other software engineers. The company’s goal is to be the most attractive engineering destination, and given the constant competition for top talent, it offers engineers a world-class working environment with minimal friction. Delivering is more important than ever. “Good engineering and a highly intuitive platform are essential for us not only to retain top talent, but to continue to attract the best talent in the industry,” says Sridharan.


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